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Setting up for Flag Waving Beachville Ontario. Thank you to all those that came out or honked their horn. THE FIGHT IS NOT OVER

Thanks to Bryan AUGUST  Ministry Letters now available for download from our web page.

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 As always, thanks for all you do to protect our community.


 UPDATE JUNE 25 2019


 It is summer and a great time to be outdoors. Breathing fresh air and enjoying the sunshine are precious to us, after a long wait through ice-storms in winter and rains falling in spring. Naturally, we don’t want our opportunity to be in the garden or a nearby park to be spoiled by the stench of Walker’s rotting garbage. So, around the BBQ, there is still time in conversation to remind ourselves and each other of the need to fight Walker’s plan for a dump alongside the Thames River.

 One way to remember our resolve to stop the the dump  is to have a look at www.opalalliance.ca where our newest newsletter appears. Click the link and have a look. It’s on Facebook and at local vendors too!

 If you are wanting to take action to help stop the dump, you can! Here are a few simple ways.

 1. Visit the market on Saturday morning, in Ingersoll or Woodstock, to sign some letters to the Minister of the Environment. Despite the change of name in the job, all letters count and you can continue to send them in. Mr. Yurek inherits the duty from Rod Phillips to consider our community’s opposition to the dump. Remind him of that.

 2. Send off a quick email to Mr. Yurek at minister.mecp@ontario.ca telling him what you value in the community, like summer days with friends or the splendid Canterbury Folk Festival, and naturally opposing the dump that would prevent our community’s enjoyment of summer events.

 3. Join us for the last sign-waving of the month of June at King and Whiting, near the Independent, this Friday at 3:00. Bring a sign or borrow one to wave; stroll by and say “Hi” or cruise by in the car and wave through the window. That will help all others, neighbours or visitors, understand how much you oppose the dump. If you need to find the schedule for summer and early fall sign-waving events, go to the OPAL Facebook page or www.opalalliance.ca

 Thank you. Enjoy summer.

 Bryan Smith, president

OPAL Alliance

 PS: If you are looking to donate to help stop the dump, donation boxes are at both markets weekly, or you can drop a cheque in the mail to OPAL, c/o S. Fleming, 205 George Street, Ingersoll, N5C 1Z5.

ReuseapalooZaha in Embro

 It was a windy start to the day, April 27,  but did not deter the bargain hunters at ReuseapalooZaha in the Zorra-Embro Community Centre. For the opening time at 8:00 to close down at 2:00 people came to share and to hunt bargains. There was furniture: a pair of chairs lifted from a helper’s hands as he carried them in. There were dishes: a full set of mugs were put to immediate service by 4H for warming cuts of coffee (after a careful washing, of course). The cat cage came and went; the pet dish disappeared. BBQs, ovens, toasters and other metal was hauled off to help the Lions in Thameford. Three people split the piles of tiles. And clothing! What an attractive display of clothing hung on the racks.

 The OPAL Alliance was out in force: The OPAL board, members and volunteers appeared; Transition to Less Waste was first off the mark in the morning, and came to help pack down; the Ingersoll District Nature Club put on a great show of solidarity; Oxford Green Watch came and went as needed. The Oxford Coalition for Social Justice enlisted its members too. Earning hours for volunteering, five students helped, hauled and hefted start to finish. All understood that reusing is a great alternative to trash going to dumps!



Produced by Ken Westcar  Best Viewed on You Tube CLICK HERE

What's wrong with a Mega-Landfill in Oxford?

Our Health & Environment 

The proposed landfill site threatens not only the health of the inhabitants in the three nearby communities of Ingersoll, Centreville and Beachville, but also environmentally significant areas such as the Centreville Conservation Area. The landfill would create millions of litres of toxic leachate and would be situated in fractured limestone near the aquifer. The risks to our drinking water and health are too great should something go wrong.

Economic Devastation 

A significant drop in the property values of nearby residents is expected. Lost revenue from a decrease of visitors to shopping, festivals and events is also predicted by area business owners. To add to this injury, the economic cost to repair roads roads, etc, due to traffic coming and going to  a landfill of this size is still unknown, but would be shouldered by area taxpayers. Legacy costs if it leaks would be immense.

Quality of Life 

The impact on our quality of life with the introduction of foul smelling air, particulate, and gasses, as well as an unsightly mountain of trash will be devastating. Instead of being a "Community in Bloom", our area would be an unwilling host to a rumbling motorcade of 340+ garbage trucks per day. Our reputation as a green, natural place to live would be forever be ruined if Oxford County, "The Dairy Capital" became "The Dump Capital".
Is this a done deal? How can we stop it?

Not even close to a done deal 

We've heard from some members of the public who think this landfill proposal is already done and there is nothing that can be done. Nothing is further from the truth! Walker industries has a long way to go before getting approval to dump 850,000 tonnes of trash a year in Oxford County. Our research has shown us that in every case where a proposed dump has been turned down it has been in large measure due to the activism of the local residents. We still can stop this!

Where this proposal is right now 

Right now Walker Industries, the company proposing to build the landfill within Carmeuse Lime's quarry site, is working through an official Ministry of Environment process. Currently, Walker is producing work plans for what they call their "preferred alternatives". The public has repeatedly rejected these. OPAL is fully engaged in this process with the support of, CELA (The Canadian Environmental Law Association) and Intends to refute Walker's submission to the MOECC (Ministry of Environment and Climate Change), so that the Minister will refuse their dump proposal. 

OPAL Alliance acts to protect our community and to ensure that Oxford County remains a great place to live and grow. As concerned citizens, we are engaged in the fight to stop locally unwarranted land uses. Our mission is to stop the dump Walker Industries would impose.