Update April 5 2020

Hello all,

COVID-19 continues to change our daily routines and I hope you are holding up well through the disruption. No doubt you have heard of cancellation after cancellation. OPAL has a few more –

  • Our AGM has been postponed until an all-clear from health authorities or we find a technology to bring us together virtually and virus-free.  

  • ReuseapalooZaha in Embro, slated for April 25th and even mentioned in the  Village Voice as "tentative" is now cancelled. The community centre there is closed until further notice. Our partners, the Thamesford Lions, are almost all in the age group most at risk.

  • The Tillsonburg Home and Garden Springfest, which for the past several years has been an occasion for us to explain the dump fight we are in and to gain solidarity among fellow Oxfordians and visitors from Norfolk, has been cancelled by its organizers. Our thanks to Bev and Dave who organize it. They are sad to miss the event and all the people who stream through the arenas, but want to ensure they all stay healthy.

  • Bonnie has posted on Facebook that the weekly sign waving events will halt.

 On the other hand,

  • You might be noticing more anti-dump signs on lawns. Contact-free drop-offs of signs continue. Let us know at bryasmit@oxford.net if your sign has disappeared or faded past reading in the 8 years it may have been on your lawn. We'll get one to you.  Make sure we get a complete street address for you, including fire numbers if you reside rurally.

  • Our Alliance partners, the Oxford Coalition for Social Justice have just sent an innovative idea to the Minister of the Environment, Mr. Jeff Yurek, that would divert tonnes of plastics from dumps. That would reduce the need for dumps dramatically and mean that the current private and public ones could handle all of Ontario's waste until better systems are put in place. Cheers to them.

  • There is a "pause" in the Environmental Assessment comment period. After intense pressure from three community groups and three local mayors, Walker paused the consultation. They have not provided any indication whether or not, once restarted, it will have the same number of days. Given Darren Fry's comments in the Sentinel-Review that the community had more than enough time for comment, this is something to watch.

  • Minister Jeff Yurek remains available by email at minister.mecp@ontario.ca if you have comments for him. The number of letters has fallen dramatically as we have ceased face-to-face meetings and sharing of pens. Remind Mr. Yurek why you oppose the dump.

 Most importantly, stay

  • Physically isolated as much as possible

  • In touch via telecommunication of any kind so you are not socially cut off.

  • Healthy.


 Bryan Smith, President  OPAL Alliance


Hello OPAL Alliance Volunteers!

On November 9th, OPAL invites all dump-fighters to Trinity United Church in Ingersoll at 1:30 for a brilliant session with

* Bob Burtt, investigative journalist and author of "No Guardians at the Gate", the story of Elmira, a community which the Ministry of Environment did not protect. Wonder what happened to their water? He will tell!

* Ben Lansink, real estate appraiser and author of the Lansink Report on home and property values in face of high traffic roads, dumps and other perils. Prices are trending which direction? He knows! 

* opportunities to buy Bob Burtt's amazing books and have them autographed. You'll want to buy "rare Moments" and hear about his plan for book #3

* opportunities to buy Dr. Poh-Gek Forkert's "Fighting Dirty" so you too can read how communities have come together to defeat dumps

* light refreshments offered by wonderful local bakers

* multiple ways to take action, including signing letters to the Minister of the Environment, Mr. Jeff Yurek, to encourage him to the take the next step and deny Walker the dump; donating to OPAL; getting your name on the OPAL Alliance email list to keep you up-to-date with information on our dump fight

* a chance to meet your neighbours and show solidarity with them against the dump.

We look forward to seeing you on November 9th. Mark it in your calendar now. Entry is free, and if you want to bring friends who also want to fight the dump, we'd love to see all.

I look forward to seeing you there. There are more details on the attached flyer. Have a look. Share it too please.

Bryan Smith, President OPAL Alliance


OPAL Alliance acts to protect our community and to ensure that Oxford County remains a great place to live and grow. As concerned citizens, we are engaged in the fight to stop locally unwarranted land uses. Our mission is to stop the dump Walker Industries would impose.